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Chiropractic Centre Now Open!

Start your journey to better health.

What’s So Special About Our New Centre?

The ACC Chiropractic Centre has been established to provide a high quality chiropractic service to the community at an affordable cost. It also provides an opportunity for providing our student interns with an enriching education experience, where under professional and qualified supervision, they exercise their knowledge and skills set.

We’re About People, Not Numbers.

How Can Chiropractic Help You?


Believe it or not, your body is incredible and intelligent. But life is a series of habits, and sometimes our habits don’t support our body to be as healthy as it can be.


Chiropractic care is drug and surgery free, and involves the assessment, diagnosis and management of disorders throughout the body over a period of time.


By helping your nervous system to function at its optimum level, it will lead to better overall health, and you’ll be on track to living your best life!

Want To Know Even More About The Benefits Of Chiropractic?

There are some common misconceptions about chiropractic care, and that it involves only a singular therapeutic technique – spinal adjustment. Chiropractors however use a client centred, multi-modal model of care.

Australian Chiropractic College

Want To Become A Chiro, Or, Know Someone Who Does?

Choosing a career in Chiropractic is a step towards a satisfying and life-changing future.

The ACC is the only approved provider in South Australia, able to deliver a Bachelor of Chiropractic.